Spin doesn’t work, says Hanover boss and former Tory spin doctor

Written by Rod Muir on 12 February 2019 in News

Charles Lewington has written to The Times to defend public affairs firms.

Hanover CEO Charles Lewington has leapt to the defence of the PR and public affairs industry after a critical column in The Times.

In a letter to the paper, Lewington argues that a column by Libby Purves misrepresents much of the work done by agencies such as his. He states: “In my experience PR executives are never as amoral as portrayed. Never are clients. Smart businesses understand that pure ‘spin’ is ineffective.”

Lewington’s letter hits back at a column by Purves titled ‘The clean-up industry has never been busier’. In the article, the journalist states that rarely have we seen so much professional effort put into employing reputation management and goes on to list "the diverse tactics" that are employed by professionals.

But Lewington  - who was  communications director of the Conservative Party under the leadership of John Major - argues that Purves "uses worst-case examples to tar a whole industry”. 

He adds: "Effective reputation management advisers work with their clients to ensure that they never get themselves into such situations in the first place." 


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