Osborne aide gets lobbying gig

Written by David Singleton on 17 March 2017 in News

Sally Rushton is the latest Tory hire at Teneo Blue Rubicon.

Teneo Blue Rubicon has hired an aide of George Osborne in the latest bid to boost its Conservative credentials.

As Osborne prepares for his new job as editor of the Evening Standard, Sally Rushton is set to join the fast-growing corporate, financial and public affairs agency in the coming weeks. It is not yet clear what her title will be.

The move comes after Teneo Blue Rubicon hired David Cameron’s communications director Craig Oliver as a senior managing director last year. It has also recruited Beth Armstrong, former special adviser to Michael Gove.

Rushton has been working in Osborne’s private office as a senior caseworker since 2014, helping to handle media, events and research. During last year’s EU referendum campaign, she was seconded to the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to help organise events and tours for the then chancellor.

The move was revealed in editor David Singleton’s weekly lobbying lowdown email. Rushton is the second former Osborne aide to choose public affairs, after the former chancellor’s former chief of staff Thea Rogers joined Deliveroo earlier this year as VP, head of global comms and policy.

Deliveroo brought in Teneo Blue Rubicon as its first UK public affairs agency in late 2016.


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