Hanbury hires Labour pair as focus shifts from Brexit to Jeremy Corbyn

Written by David Singleton on 23 November 2018 in News

Hanbury boss Paul Stephenson told PAN that 'everybody’s bored of talking about Brexit'.

Conservative-led agency Hanbury Strategy has hired two Labour advisers in a bid to appeal to clients looking to prepare for life under Jeremy Corbyn.

PAN understands that the fast-growing firm has appointed Labour party environment and culture policy officer Spencer Powers as an associate director. He has just moved to the agency after approaching two years in the Labour policy team.

At the same time, former Labour education adviser Colette Collins-Walsh is also set to join as an associate director. She started out as a researcher to Kevin Brennan MP and went on to spend two years as a Labour education policy adviser. She left Labour HQ one year ago to become a press officer at the Department for Education.

Hanbury was set up in 2016 by former Conservative special advisers Ameet Gill and Paul Stephenson. Theresa May's former press secretary Lizzie Loudon joined the firm as its third partner last year.

Stephenson, who was also head of communications for Vote Leave, confirmed both of the new hires. The former communications chief for the offical Brexit campaign told PAN: "Everybody’s bored of talking about Brexit, even though it’s still big news. The other big risk now is Corbyn. Given the level of uncertainty, a lot of companies now are thinking: what do we need to do to prepare for a Corbyn government?"

Powers and Collins-Walsh line up alongside two former Labour advisers already in place at Hanbury.  James McBride was an economic and business adviser in Labour’s policy unit and is now a director at the 30-strong Tory-led shop. Felix Lettau, a former Labour research officer, is also employed by Hanbury as an associate director.




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