Ex-Tory aides set up shop

Written by David Singleton on 12 September 2016 in News

David Cameron's former strategy chief Ameet Gill is helping to establish Hanbury Strategy.

Two ex-Conservative special advisers are joining forces to set up a public affairs and PR agency.

Paul Stephenson and Ameet Gill are establishing the new shop "to advise companies in the post-Brexit world".

They have called their new agency Hanbury Strategy - after the East London street where it is to be based.

Stephenson was most recently director of communications for Vote Leave. He was previously external affairs director at the British Banking Association and before that he spent two years as a Tory special adviser.

Gill recently left Downing Street after nine years as at David Cameron’s side, having worked for the former Tory leader in opposition as a speechwriter. Most recently he served as Cameron’s director of strategy in Number 10. He is understood to be still seeking official Cabinet Office approval for the new job.

Also on board for the new venture are Vote Leave research director Oliver Lewis and comms manager Jonathan Suart.

Speaking to Public Affairs News, Stephenson suggested that his new the agency would be well-placed to win post-Brexit business from exiting public affairs agencies

“Having both been on either side of the recent campaign we think we are better placed than many other people to advise companies in the post-Brexit world,” he claimed.

He added that as well as doing straight public affairs, the new agency would also be doing media relations, corporate campaigns and work for NGOs.

“We are all from Westminster so we can do the public affairs quite easily, but that’s not necessarily our prime focus,” he said.


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