Taking over the APPC is not enough for Francis Ingham

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 15 October 2018 in Diary

Now the PRCA boss has bagged a job focused on local government communications.

Francis Ingham recently spoke about his roots in lobbying and how keen he was for the APPC-PRCA merger to go ahead.

“I’ve been a lobbyist all my life, I believe in the power of our profession, our trade. I think this merger will mean a stronger voice,” he said at a Q&A.

With APPC members voting for the merger last week, the PRCA boss got what he wanted. It means he could soon become the ultimate spokesman for the lobbying industry (along with the chair of the yet-to be appointed PRCA public affairs board, of course).

But that’s just for starters, it seems.

As well as being PRCA director general and new lobbying industry top dog, Ingham is already chief executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation, which is the global trade body for 37national PR associations operating in 48 countries.

And, as of this week, he will also be executive director of a new leadership body within LGcomms, the national body made up of an association of local authorities that works to raise the standard of communications in local government.

At this rate, he’ll soon have almost as many second jobs as an average Tory MP…



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