MPs have a laugh over James Cleverly's 'terrier-like' lobbying

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 12 October 2018 in Diary

The Tory MP for Braintree has been pushing hard for less congestion on the A120.

Readers should know that Tory MP Jesse Norman made a bad joke about lobbying in the Commons this week.

Getting enthused about the lobbying prowess of James Cleverley, he declared: “My honourable friend has been indefatigable. In fact, few parliamentarians in any Parliament could have matched his energy and zeal in pressing the case for the A120.

“He has been terrier-like in his lobbying and he can take it from me that the Minister has been duly terrierised.”



John Bercow clearly enjoyed the lobbying banter. He said: “I hope that the honourable gentleman will have that tribute framed and erected in a suitable location in his home.”



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