Jo Johnson has a vision of the UK becoming 'a nation of lobbyists'

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 7 December 2018 in Diary

Alas, the Conservative MP was not overly enthusiastic about the prospect.

Napoleon Bonaparte famously called England “a nation of shopkeepers”. More than 200 years later, could it be time to change the record?

On the Today programme, Jo Johnson appeared to think so, suggesting that we might soon turn into "a nation of lobbyists".

Alas the Tory MP was not delivering an ode to Tim Allan, Charles Lewington and Iain Anderson. Rather he was expressing his opposition to the 'Norway plus' plan for Brexit:

“We’d still be bound by all of the obligations to accept freedom of movement and we would become an even bigger rule taker than we would under the prime minister’s deal," he said.

“I think basically it would see us become a nation of lobbyists camped outside the European parliament.

“How undignified an outcome for Brexit would that be!”

Actually, Mr Stakeholder can see where he's coming from - some things are best left to the professionals...





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