Cavendish boss gets an appetite for 9.15am breakfast food ban

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 4 December 2018 in Diary

Alex Challenor is keen to ‘keep the professional tone of the office right’.

Cavendish Place has had the Starbucks account for two years now. The coffee giant was picked up from Finsbury following a keenly-fought competitive pitch in 2016 and is a major client for the agency run by Tory lobbyist Alex Challenor.

But woe betide any hungry Cavendish consultant who picks up one of their Ultimate All Day Breakfast Sandwiches on their way to work at 9.10am with a view to eating it in the office!

A memo sent to staff by Challenor last month has fallen into the hands of Mr Stakeholder. The boss wrote:

“Everyone, we want to keep the professional tone of the office right so please avoid eating breakfast cereal etc in the office later in the morning.  Like all good boys and girls ideally you’ve all had a good healthy breakfast before getting in (!) but if that’s not possible then please nothing in the office after 9.15am.

“Thanks for your co-operation.”

Mr Stakeholder hopes the good boys and girls of Cavendish Place have heeded the advice. Thankfully there is a Starbucks just down the road…



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