As Brexit blows up again, Cicero makes a bid to dominate the airwaves

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 16 January 2019 in Diary

It's fair to say that other public affairs firms haven't been quite as visisible. 

In the wake of Theresa May’s thumping Brexit defeat, plenty of public affairs consultancies have been offering their high-level hot takes on the crisis in British politics.

But the award for most active consultancy on the day must surely go to Cicero Group.

First of all, new signing Nikki da Costa popped up on the Today programme to discuss Brexit with Martha Kearney. In the evening, the former Number 10 director of legislative affairs was on BBC News to discuss the vote.





For his part, boss Iain Anderson started the day by heading to College Green to chat to BBC Business Live. After that, the proud Scot (who also happens to be an Arsenal supporter) remembered his roots when he spoke to Good Morning Scotland.





Meanwhile, senior counsel Joey Jones’ various media appearances included showing up on Radio 5Live to talk to Emma Barnett about the chaos otherwise known as the prime minister's Brexit strategy.

But what will Cicero's media maestros do next? For his next move, Jones has threatened to rope in the rest of the agency…






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