To be or not to be a chairman. That is the question for Nicola Bates

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 19 February 2019 in Diary

Bates is chairman of the Women in Communications Careers Network.

As the public affairs industry strives to be more female-friendly, why does the Women in Communications Careers Network still insist on having a chairman?

“How come you are a Chairman, why not gender neutral Chair,” GPLUS partner Emily Wallace asked outgoing postholder Nicola Bates on social media today. “That’s really weird for a women’s network. Sends out totally the wrong message.”

But all the signs are that Wallace might need to step up her latest lobbying offensive.

Portman Group external affairs director Bates explained that it is “because Chairman is an accepted position of authority while Chair is an inanimate object for sitting on”.

Then Claire Jarvis, who is set to take over from Bates piped up: “I’ve always seen the word chairman as gender neutral and totally inoffensive myself.”

Well, you can’t win em all…

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