Nick DeLuca and Tim Snowball to boost FHF lobbying firepower

14 September 2017

FleishmanHillard Fishburn has acted to decisively boost its public affairs firepower by hiring two senior industry figures.

The agency has recruited the experienced public affairs adviser...

Curtin&Co captures former Conservative MP Andrew Bingham

14 September 2017

Former Conservative MP Andrew Bingham has resurfaced at planning public affairs agency Curtin&Co after losing his seat in this year’s general election.

Bingham served as Tory MP for...

Andy Sawford: Bell Pottinger went the same way as The Mooch

13 September 2017

Political spinners know that when they become the story, it is time to go. Alastair Campbell, Damian McBride, Andy Coulson, Jo Moore, Fiona Cunningham and many more have become front page news....

Mark Flanagan: The perils of predictions in public affairs

1 September 2017

When you hear the names Dogger, Fisher, German Bight you immediately think of the Shipping Forecast, which has just celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Met Office claims the forecast is accurate...

Francis Ingham: Prime predictions from two years of lobbying lunches

17 July 2017

In the summer of 2015, we began this series of PAN interviews, each of them conducted at Shepherd’s Restaurant. Two years on, and 22 interviews later, it’d be fair to say that rather a lot has...

Getting cosy with Corbyn: how lobbyists are ‘doing Labour again’

4 September 2017

If the 2017 general election was a political earthquake, then few professions in the UK have felt the reverberations more than lobbyists.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader in...

Lunch with... Elin De Zoete

29 August 2017

Elin and I met for lunch with the lobbying world still quaking from the general election. I was intrigued to discover if she was one of those Labour lobbyists who were shocked and pleased with...

Lunch with... Paul Bristow

11 August 2017

I caught up with Paul Bristow almost immediately after he’d taken over at the APPC, and just a a little while after the General Election. So, our first topic of conversation was obvious. What did...