As Brexit blows up again, Cicero makes a bid to dominate the airwaves

16 January 2019

In the wake of Theresa May’s thumping Brexit defeat, plenty of public affairs consultancies have been offering their high-level hot takes on the crisis in British politics.

But the...

Public affairs chiefs at war! Chris Whitehouse turns on Francis Ingham

12 December 2018

A month after the PRCA-APPC merger got the green light and everyone looked like they would play nicely, is the stretched twig of peace already at melting point?

On Tuesday evening this...

Craig Dillon: The C4 Brexit drama shows us how social media rules

8 January 2019

James Graham’s new Channel 4 movie taps into a rare area in which both sides, Remain and Leave, tend to agree. It is that digital is power - and the pro-Brexit campaign wielded it to...

Daniel Koski: Why Government must embrace the smartphone state

12 November 2018

In Paris they are familiar with revolution. So it is apt that world leaders including Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau are gathered in the city today for the first GovTech Summit....

Chris Rogers: How we got Philip Hammond to freeze spirits duty

6 November 2018

The politics of this year’s Budget were hardly conducive to even a freeze in excise duty on alcohol, including much-loved UK produced spirits like Scotch Whisky and gin. The Chancellor had to meet...

The 2018 Stakeholder Awards: Full list of winners

18 December 2018

The annual Stakeholder Awards celebrate the highlights - and lowlights - of public affairs. As usual, the awards have been judged by a one-strong panel comprised of the UK's leading public...

Lunch with... Jon McLeod

6 December 2018

My opening question to Jon McLeod is my usual sarcastic one: what shall we talk about? To which most people respond with a weary resignation ‘Brexit'. But not Jon, who says football.


A marriage made in Brexit - but what's next for Hanbury Strategy?

3 December 2018

At 7am on the morning after the EU referendum, David Cameron’s strategy director was in Number 10 when he received a call on his mobile. “Michael Gove wants to pass a message to the prime minister...