Former APPC chair rails against PRCA merger plan in explosive memo

9 August 2018
Exclusive: Robbie MacDuff called the merger 'simply a takeover' and claimed that APPC members are being 'short-changed'.

Adam Lang: In defence of lobbying (and good policy making)

7 June 2018

Over the past few days there have been a couple of notable articles and reports published about the impact of two different bits of legislation, now both fully enacted, seeking to regulate or...

Dirk Paterson: How I have fought against 'cash for access' lobbying

26 February 2018

Influencing is not about cash for access anymore. Good lobbying is about three things: strategy strategy strategy.

When I first said this in a board meeting I had a full-on row the CEO who...

Simon Petar: There are opportunities in Labour’s housing hash

13 February 2018

Despite my long-term party membership, I have come to the conclusion that Labour’s approach to housing policy is both tragic and an opportunity in equal measure.

Tragic because the ability...

Lunch with… John Higginson

2 July 2018

I met up with political journalist-turned-public affairs agency boss John Higginson in the usual place and began with a standard opener: what did he make of the political scene at the...

Who are the new movers and shakers in the UK public affairs world?

13 May 2018

The question of what makes a mover and shaker in the modern public affairs industry in a live one. Some of the lobbyists featured here are best-known for their impressive contacts books and their...

Lunch with... David Wild

28 February 2018

A man walks into Shepherd’s wearing a Bates hat. No, not a very lame joke. Just the beginning of my lunch with David Wild, Chairman of Lodestone, and wearer of very fine hats (I myself own two...